About ME

I was raised in Chicago with summer months and winters spent in Ontario Canada. My passion for fishing and love of nature started at an early age. When most young girls were playing with Barbies and tea sets, I was eager to learn from my mother and father as we shared time on the water fishing the waters of Canada for walleye, northern pike, musky, and bass.

My passion continued through high school and college. On every available opportunity I grabbed my rod and reel and fished the abundant fresh waters primarily in Illinois, Wisconsin and Michigan.

After friends introduced me to the east coast of Florida in 2004, primarily the Space Coast, I tried my hand at salt water fishing. Beach and pier fishing quickly became a new passion but something was missing. After many fishing trips to the area and falling in love with the opportunities presented by the salt and brackish waters, I decided to follow a lifelong love of fishing and made South East Florida, “The Fishing Capital of the World”, my home.

As my knowledge of the personalities of the different species of fish grew, I decided I wanted to get up close and personal. The best way to do that was to purchase a kayak, the missing link necessary to approach large fish in stealth mode. After researching many types of kayaks, I chose Native Watercraft. These kayaks can get into the skinniest of waters where redfish and sea trout like to feed. They are also so stable they allow a person to stand and spot fish, giving them the best chance to hookup and land them. Of course the seat needs to be mentioned because of it’s “comfort factor”. It is as comfortable as any chair you will sit in, enabling you to enjoy hours of fishing.

I found my true love. Fishing almost everyday, I honed my technique and abilities to consistently track fish movements and feeding patterns, but more importantly to keep my fellow anglers on them. My reputation spread quickly among other kayak fishing enthusiasts to the point that fishing guide requests were being presented constantly. Sharing my expertise and abilities with others seemed to be the natural progression in my fishing success story, so I began guiding full time. I have 10+ years of experience guiding, teaching via seminars and volunteering with kids fishing clinics.

Now you too can share the experience and embark on your journey to develop a new, or expand on an existing passion for salt water fishing. The water calls……