A one word description would be, WOW. It started at the launch were she got the kayaks ready for us and went over how we would be fishing. With-in 200 yards we were fishing and in the first 30 minutes I had a redfish on a topwater. The morning was spent working the shallows with topwater baits, catching & releasing both redfish and spotted sea trout. The average fish size was impressive, with nothing under 18". After we took a short lunch break I was treated to seeing my first ever "tailing" redfish. I only got 1 shot at catching them, which I missed, but the site of seeing all those tails and the size of them was worth it all. We then spent the afternoon catching redfish and spotted sea trout on plastic baits, both sight casting and blind fishing for them. We finished up the trip with a cold beer back at the launch, what a way to cap off a trip like this. Everything that I was hoping to see and do we did. Dee was incredibly knowledgeable, informative, helpful, energetic and fun to be with for the entire trip. There was never a "lull" during the entire time. I try to fish 75 to 100 days a year where I live and will definitely try to make time again the next time I am in Florida, hopefully this October, to fish with Dee again. Thanks for a very enjoyable and memorable trip Dee, again I say WOW. "

Paul Meier


"I have taken two fishing trips with Dee and have booked a third, so if actions speak louder than words, my actions attest to my complete satisfaction with Dee's services. She is a great guide--she is terrific company; she has taught me a lot about fishing in general and kayak fishing in particular; due to her superb knowledge of the area and her fish spotting skills, I have caught some serious fish; and finally I had a great time. Due to Dee, I am in the process of buying my first fishing kayak. I highly recommend that you hire Dee for a day on the water. You'll be glad that you did. "

Tom Jackson


"I highly recommend Dee's professional guide services. I learned a great deal from her and am looking forward to putting into practice all that she taught me. I learned about new types of knot tying. I learned about fishing the mangroves and the many tactics needed for success fishing along those plants and their roots. I learned about sighting fish and recognizing their habitat. I learned some techniques that improved my casting abilities. There are way too many tips that I gained from Dee's vast knowledge to mention here but most of all I felt she was there for me. It was obvious that her most important goal was to provide me with an enjoyable experience. She succeeded at that and we caught fish! She took a lot of time with me and I really appreciated it. Next year when we come back to the fishing capital of the world, I will most certainly call her for a second trip. Don't miss out on this golden opportunity!"

Judy C.


"I want to thank you for taking my 13-year-old son, Corbin S., kayak fishing during a Teen Anglers fishing tournament. Because of your guidance, Corbin was able to bring home a trophy with his pompano and redfish. My son has always enjoyed fishing and with you leading the way he was able to grow in his love of fishing and kayaking. He looks forward to fishing with you again soon and bringing home more trophies. Your time and dedication is appreciated greatly. Thank you for being a huge part of his love of fishing and the outdoors."

Betsy S.


"Dee if fantabulous! Her enthusiasm and love for fishing combined with her knowledge of yak fishing was conveyed throughout our fishing experiences. Yes!! Experiences! We “Caught the Thrill “. The first was so phenomenal we went back a few months later. Both times Dee had done her homework and studied the waters leading us to numerous Redfish. Her patience and guidance had us landing them in no time. We learned a lot of tips and techniques to take home and make our West Coast Florida yak fishing more enjoyable. She is environmentally conscious of the fish and their habitat. Her equipment and yaks are top line and well kept. If you are looking for an attentive, caring, down to earth, professional and knowledgeable guide, Dee is your answer. In addition to guiding she is snapping pictures of the client’s enthusiasm reeling them in….check out her gallery. She doesn’t miss a beat. I promise you too will “Catch the Thrill”

Mary Sue M. & Pam L.